Simulation of Euro Airship rigid airship

Euro Airship

Euro Airship is a world leader in design, construction and sales of rigid airships or “dirigeables rigides”.

Euro Airship has carried out more than 15 years of engineering and architecture analysis and detailed studies on market usage.

Markets for Euro Airship include:

  • Industrial transport
  • Commercial transport
  • Tourism
  • Construction in difficult areas
  • Civil & military surveillance
  • Communications
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Disaster relief
  • Urban and Forest fires

Euro Airship is recognised as a world leader in rigid airship design. It has been selected by the European Union for the H4R rescue program for immediate response to natural and industrial disasters in the EU.


Euro Airship’s design is based on a rigid envelope, providing enhanced safety, stability, manoeuvrability and reliability for carrying very heavy loads in all-weather. Unlike most other current airship projects.

Euro Airship also holds international patents to key technology for airship operation.

Euro Airship has prepared production ready designs for its two initial models:

  • Corsair – 1-8 ton payload capacity focused on military surveillance, civil security, communications and tourism.
  • DGPAtt – 30-50 ton capacity for transport of heavy payloads and passenger transport.
  • Future models will have capacities extending from 250  to 400 tonnes.

The main advantages of Euro Airships rigid designs are:

  • Capable of carrying heavy loads up to 400T.
  • Cruising speed of 110-160 km/h.
  • Very long autonomy, over 15 days flight.
  • Extended range of several thousand kilometres.
  • All weather operations, similar to cargo planes.
  • Powerful and quiet operation.
  • Independent of ground infrastructure (airfields or warehouses).  Load & unload anywhere, including at sea.
  • Transformable into drone for unmanned operation
  • Detachable cargo-hold, amphibious and with crane fitting capability.
  • Low operating costs (50 to 500% lower cargo air service).
  • Reduced environmental impact of 6 to 10 times less CO2 than a plane of equal capacity.
  • Automatic de-icing of the entire structure.

The combined global market for Euro Airships two initial rigid airships exceeds €50 billion.