Economical and ecological

Fuel consumption for airship flight is far lower than for aircraft or helicopters on a per hour or per tonne-kilometre basis.  Euro Airship’s DGPAtt 30-50 tonne capacity airship will offer an operating cost of €0.50/tonne/kilometer, approximately 4 to 6 times less than cargo aircraft.  For large area surveillance, such as surveys of potential oil pipeline routes or military observation of extended regions, airships offer a far less expensive alternative to aircraft and helicopters, while permitting pilot- or remote-controlled slow movement or stationary observation, which is not possible for drones.

Due to their low fuel consumption, airships also offer the most ecologically friendly means of air transport, with atmospheric emissions approximately 10 times less than cargo aircraft.  They also reduce land-use pressure in densely constructed areas by eliminating the need for ground-based infrastructure.

Operational costs