Euro Airship Solutions

EuroAirship’s Rigid Airships fulfil a vast need for air transport which airplanes and helicopters cannot satisfy: the point-to-point transport of very substantial loads with no need for ground-based infrastructure or facilities. Airships also operate at significantly lower cost and with minimal environmental impact.

Potential markets for airships include:

  • commercial/industrial users
  • military
  • civil security organisations
  • tourism

In each case, potential customers around the world have expressed serious interest in integrating airships into their operations.

Airships based on a rigid design have a proven record of safety and reliability with nearly two million kilometres of flight. Euro Airship’s rigid airships are designed to offer all-weather operations, vertical take-off and landing, significant payload capacity, long-distance and extended duration flights, and roll-on/roll-off or sky crane cargo transfer, including at sea.

Drone (crew-less) operation is also possible.