Technology and Patents

Euro Airship has spent more than 15 years developing engineering plans for rigid airships. Rigid Airships have a proven record of safety, stability and reliability.

This approach to airship design creates a major difference between Euro Airship and other contemporary airship companies.

Euro Airship holds two international patents based on unique engineering and technological developments:

  • Ballastage

Euro Airship’s patented airship ballasting system uses the powerful on-board engines to manage compressed air stored in special containers. Ballasting can achieve airship weighting in 7 minutes to one hour, depending on the size of the load to be discharged (from 10 to 400 tonnes).

As a result, Euro Airship’s craft can operate entirely autonomously without anchoring poles or other ground-based infrastructure.

  • Anticipatory piloting

Euro Airship’s patented system for managing the volume of helium gas, held within separate containers, provides automatic stability to the airship and anticipates variations to be corrected.