Why Euro Airship?

EuroAirship is a unique patented rigid airship design.

Airships fulfil a vast need for air transport which airplanes and helicopters cannot satisfy.

Based on a rigid design, airships can transport passengers and very substantial loads from point to point with no ground-based infrastructure.

  • All-weather operations, similar to standard aircraft.
  • Load and unload anywhere – even at sea – or stay aloft for days or weeks.
  • Economical and environmentally friendly, with 6 to 10 times less CO2 emissions than traditional aircraft.
  • Proven safety and reliability of two million kilometres of accident-free travel.

Only rigid-design airships can offer all of these functions.

Non-rigid airships (blimps, super-light aircraft and semi-rigid designs) do not have comparable load-carrying or all-weather capabilities.

Operational costs